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Kuza Troupe Africa is a Community Based Organization on which is dedicated to solve conflicts amongst the youth and peace building in Uganda through various methods specifically cultural Music, Dance and Drama which courts across regions to bring youth together as one family and to help them realize their full potential by tackling on leaderships skills and Entrepreneurship to develop themselves to become the contributing members of the communities in which they live.


  • 1. Empowering youth in Leadership Skills, Peace & Conflict Resolution

    2. To coordinate, lobby and mobilize resources for support to the selected children for sponsorship to higher level of learning (more especially the girl child and school dropouts)

    3. To establish a compassionate and educational center to provide child care and social services.

    4. To initiate and promote social-economic activities for improved food and livelihood.

    5. To increase awareness and conduct HIV / AIDS prevention, care and support.

    6. To provide and equip the youth with vocational and technical skills in various fields and guide in identifying and developing their future careers.

    7. To liaise with health workers and other stakeholders in providing information and actions on health related issues.

    8. To mobilize and sensitize the youth and other community members on the dangers, risk and prevention against HIV/AIDS.

    9. To campaign against domestic violence in our community.

    10. To improve capacities of youth/people and communities to demand sustain girl child education with safe menstruation.
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MUSASIZI TAKSHIRI JAMAAL one of the Kuza Troupe Africa youth leadership development program 2020 beneficiaries. He talks about how he can explain  the word Conflict Resolution

He says strengthen your own conflict resolution skills take some time to examine your own habits when it comes to dealing with conflict. We all have things we fall back on, usually what we learned in childhood. It may be yelling, giving in to others to avoid feeling uncomfortable or anxious, digging in and refusing to see another point of view, overreacting or personalizing someone else being upset. Strengthen your own positive conflict resolution skills so you can help your child develop them as well. Sometimes we expect our kids to use skills we don`t practice ourselves, without even realizing it. Avoid the trap of “Do as I say, not as I do!


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Our vision is for every youth to live a meaningful life in fullness which to promote human transformation.


To work as a team to ensure that we identify the incapacitated, poor and vulnerable youth groups in their catchment areas to promote peace building and conflict resolution throughout Uganda.

Core Values

  • We value human resource
  • Collective responsibility
  • Peace building & conflict resolution
  • Stewardship

Call And Aspiration

Kuza Troupe Africa aspires to conducive environment in which youth group`s boys and girls are employed to enjoy their well being and human rights.


The troupe has the ability to perform a variety of traditional folk dances and songs from all cultures and ethnic tribes of Uganda with full orchestration. In addition, the troupe has embarked on research into learning other traditional songs and dances from the neighboring countries and at the moment, we can ably perform a few songs and dances from Rwanda, Kenya, Sudan, Burundi and Tanzania.


In addition to energetic traditional dances, and soothing & well amplified folk songs, we give educative commentaries purposely to enable our audience understand the root of the various cultures of Uganda. At times, we have tried to be comical just to spice the performances.