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Kuza Troupe Africa is a Community Based Organization on which is dedicated to solve conflicts amongst the youth and peace building in Uganda through various methods specifically cultural Music, Dance and Drama which courts across regions to bring youth together as one family and To help them realize their full potential by tackling on leaderships skills and Entrepreneurship to develop themselves to become the contributing members Of the communities in which they live.

Talented children with an objective of achieving education and a better future through the use of talents in performing arts.

The troupe is composed of pupils and students from primary 3 to university level, trained trainers and other members from different professionals. As a result, we have currently concentrated on those activities that give our pupils and students ample time to obtain the required education.We embark on short drama productions as well as providing cultural entertainment at various functions such as introduction & wedding ceremonies, giveaways, corporate dinners & cocktails, anniversaries, university convocations/gradation ceremonies, among others.

               Our Objectives

  1. To promote cultural traits through folklore, Music & Drama.
  2. To create jobs and enhancement of social and economic empowerment through promotion of individual talents in folklore, music, dance and drama and creating opportunities for them to ably participate in the activities respectively.
  3. To train and offer guidance to schools and other social settings in music, dance and drama.
  4. To perform and offer entertainment and other leisure services to functions like local and international festivals, weddings ad other parties upon request from the concerned parties.
  5. To mobilize and fund-raise through organized events and activities to support disadvantaged groups especially orphans due to HIV/AIDS and children displaced by wars to provide them with basic needs of life.
  6. To identify and promote talents of young orphans from all parts of Uganda and train them the folklore, music, dance and drama of the respective cultures to empower them socially and economically.
  7. To sensitize the general public on the basics of life through entertainment.


On 27th  December 2020 Kuza Troupe Africa, held a youth leadership training for peace and life celebration to raise awareness of leadership and the need for peace in our communities, the overall purpose of the one day event was to build a platform from which to further address issues that threaten peace amongst youth in mukono areas, as it was a one day event, our overall goal was simply to begin the conversation, through the event over 25 children, youth and adults were engaged, 20 of these participated in dialogues including over 15 youth.

In addition to providing a platform for Lumuli residence/youth to let their voice be heard. The dialogues also provided us with an opportunity to gather information on the status needs and interests of Lumuli, and what we found out was to support our overall goal to create a longer-term program to engage Lumuli youth groups.


KUZA TROUPE AFRICA, YPO, Friends Forever and Peace Corps Uganda recognized that positive youth development requires an environment where youth are continually relegate and be given opportunities to practice and demonstrate leadership through dialogues and observations, we found that youth in Kasokoso would benefit greatly from ongoing engagement and capacity building we took the skills identified by youth through dialogues into consideration when designing a follow up program. We also took consideration the needs of Uganda youth as a whole this being a slum area in particular.

We focused on the needs of female adolescents percent surveys show that 20% of girls between 15-24 years get into early marriages and 37% give birth by 18 years. These factors are main contributors to the reason that 7/10 girls do not complete primary education, this actually threatens the foundation of peace, therefore a clear need is to provide ongoing education and greater opportunities for adolescent girls.

Kuza Troupe Africa need to put much emphasis on supporting girl education and spread the gospel of peace rescue training program in schools throughout Uganda.

Dances teach social patterns and values and help people work, mature, praise or criticize members of the community while celebrating festivals and funerals, competing, reciting history, proverbs, and poetry; and to encounter gods. African dances are largely participatory, with spectators being part of the performance.


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The Larakaraka was an Acholi courtship dance that granted young men the opportunity to demonstrate their dancing prowess and physical vigour in the hope of securing a marriage partner. … During the Larakaraka the young men danced in a semi-circle with their legs interlocked whilst singing short repetitive songs.


Our vision is for every youth to live a meaningful life in fullness which to promote human transformation.


To work as a team to ensure that we identify the incapacitated, poor and vulnerable youth groups in their catchment areas to promote peace building and conflict resolution throughout Uganda.


Kuza Troupe Africa aspires to conducive environment in which youth group’s boys and girls are empowered to enjoy their wellbeing and human rights.


  • We value human resource
  • Collective responsibility
  • Peace building & conflict resolution
  • Stewardship



She says that;

Dancing provides a great, overall low-impact aerobic workout. Like other forms of aerobic exercise, dance strengthens the heart, lungs and circulatory system. But the varied movements also improve core strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, muscle tone and spatial awareness.

Dancing bolsters physical and mental health by helping to prevent falls, improve posture and flexibility, lift mood and ease anxiety. It’s also a fun activity that sharpens the mind, increases aerobic power and strength, builds social bonds, and can reduce pain and stiffness

Kuza Troupe Africa is a non profit organization that believes we can all help build a better world by empowering our most underutilized asset: youths. KTA works with communities across Uganda to build the leadership abilities of their youth from diverse backgrounds to tackle local and national issues.

Bigwala music and dance is a cultural practice of the Basoga people of Uganda, performed during royal celebrations such as coronations and funerals and, in recent decades, on social occasions. … As a result, Bigwala is performed infrequently, which poses a real threat to its survival.

Kiganda Traditional Dance. Baganda people (tribe) of Buganda region, a dominant Bantu speaking ethnic group concentrated in central Uganda. … The dance moves or patterns are dictated by the lyrics or song meaning but mostly by the tempo of the song.
The Runyege dance is performed with vigor and skill intended to impress the woman of interest to pick out the right man. … This dance is used to send quite a number of signals to the opposite sex to let them know how the other feels.

The Bagisu people performing the Imbalu dance, in Uganda. Find this Pin and more on Rich Culture

The Runyege dance is performed with vigor and skill intended to impress the woman of interest to pick out the right man. … This dance is used to send quite a number of signals to the opposite sex to let them know how the other feels.