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Who we are

Kuza Troupe Africa is a group of talented Children/youths with an objective of achieving education and a better future through the use of their talents in performing arts. The word Kuza means nurturing” and as we all know that nurturing means to take care of, feed and protect someone especially young children and help them grow up well and become the masters of their own destiny.

As we continue to embrace Uganda’s cultural diversity in both our composition and performances, we can only identify ourselves with this great object. The troupe performs on wedding receptions, cocktails & Dinners, Launches, celebrations, and any other such events that require a cultural touch.

Our Vision

Kuza Troupe Africa envisions an improved quality of life for vulnerable children in Uganda by providing quality education, proper accommodation, health care, and spiritual guidance.

Our Mission

To bring hope to orphaned and abused children in Uganda, by providing love and care in a peaceful God`s environment.

Overall Goal

The Goal of the organization is to improve the well-being, of youth, Orphans and other Vulnerable Children, Children Rights situation health and livelihoods of the youth throughout the country through teaching people their rights and how they should be protected not subjected to torture inhuman and discriminatory in the society.


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Our Objectives

  • Educate and develop the talents of the members so as to enhance their ability to acquire the required basic needs of life. Preserve and promote Uganda’s rich and diversified cultural music and dances.
  • Identification of young talented folk musicians especially orphans whose parents have succumbed to the deadly scourge of AIDS and war in northern Uganda and help them restore self-confidence.
  • Show the importance and value of African folk music and dances, customs and musical instruments and their contribution to the international folk lore industry.
  • Provision of a cultural and relaxed environment to both local and international communities at parties, Cocktails, Opening and launching ceremonies, and all other functions as and when called upon.
  • Facilitate the generation and dissemination of knowledge and technologies that meet the needs of the poor and marginalized communities.
  • Facilitate drawing the attention of communities to important issues and influencing solutions on behalf of the Governments, donors, policy makers, community leaders and others.
  • Generate and mobilize funds to support the vulnerable children and youths especially orphans and children displaced through wars and loss of parents due to HIV/AIDS and other diseases through providing shelter, food, health, care, formal and informal education, vocational skills and set income generating projects to enhance their livelihoods.
  • To reduce Child related abuses , Youth , Girl Child Education human rights abuses in Uganda and in so doing enable everyone to live happier and more secure lives by creating stronger society empowered with humane wisdom so as to improve their lives and those of others especially the growing mind of the youth in schools and outside the education system.
  • To support, promote and protect the interests and rights of the people; promote unity, kinship and setting up of developmental projects including but not limited to interactive programs, advocate for Human Rights awareness, community development and cultural values in general.
  • To raise public awareness of human rights through education and training programs, workshops and conferences in order to improve the respect of law in relation to human rights.
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  • To expose the extent of human rights abuses taking place in Uganda and learn directly from victims of violations to educate children about the horror of their experiences and what needs to be done to prevent such things happening again.
  • To develop the capacity among the disadvantaged and minorities through training on how to deal with fear of speaking out and learning not to be intimated by abusive authority figures.